Post-operative Visit

Your first post-operative appointment should be between 8-12 days post surgery.

At this meeting I will:
  • Remove your dressings.
  • Take out your stitches.
  • Review the operation with you.

You will be able to get the wounds wet at this stage.

During the first six to twelve weeks after surgery, it's important to follow your rehabilitation protocol strictly. Depending on the type of repair you have had, you will have specific instructions regarding which movements are and are not allowed. Stretching the shoulder in the wrong direction before healing has occurred can cause the repair to tear and fail.

The arm should always be kept in the sling when you are standing, walking or asleep. When sitting or lying awake in bed you can release the sling without removing it.

You can use the hand for writing, eating, or drinking, as long as the arm is moved only at the elbow and wrist. Under no circumstances should the injured arm be used to reach for or lift something.

*Note – this information is very specific to the type of surgery you have had. Certain shoulder and elbow procedures require aggressive early active range of motion and stretching. You will be notified by Dr Sherlock on exactly what he needs you to do.

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