Pre-operative Tests / Pre-admission

Pre-operative tests

It may be necessary for you to visit other medical specialists prior to your admission to hospital. At the time of consultation Dr Sherlock will review your medical history to evaluate the need for you to be assessed from a medical point of view. Depending on your age and general health, you may be required to have pathology, an E.C.G and chest x-ray attended to. Requests for these tests will be given to you at the time of you consultation.

Mater Hospital

You should contact the pre-admission clinic at the Mater on (02) 9900 7494 to arrange a time to attend the pre-admission clinic prior to your surgery. Before you attend this pre-admission appointment, you will need to have completed the tests and x-rays requested by Dr Sherlock.

During your pre-admission appointment, the nursing staff at the hospital will check your pre-operative pathology, E.C.G and chest x-rays. They will explain the hospital process, discuss the most appropriate rehabilitation options for you and answer any questions that you may have regarding your stay at the Mater Hospital.

Sydney Adventist Hospital

You may be required to attend the Pre-Admission Clinic (PAC) prior to your admission. The hospital will contact you if they wish you to attend the PAC. If Dr Sherlock asks you to attend, please make an appointment by phoning (02) 9487 9115.

Your appointment at the PAC may be up to three weeks prior to surgery. The length of appointments will vary. It can take up to three hours.

At the PAC, you will have any necessary pre-operative tests and a discussion with health professionals about your procedure. A relative or friend may accompany you if you wish. You may need to have a consultation with your anaesthetist at the PAC.
If you are attending the PAC, please bring all your original admission forms (including your original Hospital Booking Letter), any information from your GP, any additional test requests from your doctor, and a list of your medications.

Please note: Attendance at the PAC is considered an outpatient visit for accounting purposes and is not included in your hospital inpatient stay. Some of the tests and assessments performed at the PAC may incur a gap payment. Medicare will reimburse some of the costs of some tests. You should check with your health fund regarding any reimbursements available for outpatient services such as physiotherapy assessments.

All appointments and enquiries 02 8403 8022